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1)Actually began back in medieval times. French warriors would cut off the middle finger of British archers since this was the finger used to pull the string back on

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Smileys Facebook Chat ainsi que la liste de tous les Smileys faces et smiley Facebook.

Emoticone Facebook Chat Smiley sur le plus grand site de Smiley Facebook et d’emoticone Facebook liste.

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This is a symbol that essentially means “I dunno/ Oh well” with an implied flirtatious or joking manner.

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Fuck you finger. Why not start using it? This graphic looks FANTASTIC and we definitely recommend this animated emoticon from the Gmail collection! Send this with

Le, pronounced luh or lay in English, is the masculine singular definite article of the French-language. Due to the widespread perception of le as being stereotypical

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Zer0 is the playable Assassin class character in Borderlands 2. Zer0 was revealed on February

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