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Before the arrival of Europeans in 1500, Brazil was home to at least 1,000 tribes with a total estimated population of 5 – 13 million people.

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These are the indigenous communities whose traditions, customs and way of life have astonishingly withstood the test of time and the sweeping force of modernization.

The Indigenous Environmental Network is an alliance of grassroots Indigenous Peoples whose mission is to protect the sacredness of Mother Earth from

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Amazon Tribes Indigenous People of the Amazon Rainforest By Joel West. is the ultimate source for information, resources, links and references on

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In 2005, the movement for the safety of Native women led the struggle to include under the Against Women Act a separate title for Native women called Safety

The indigenous peoples of the Americas are the pre-Columbian peoples of the Americas and their descendants. Indígenas or pueblos indígenas (“indigenous peoples”) is

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This is a partial list of the world’s indigenous / aboriginal / native people. Indigenous peoples are any ethnic group of peoples who are considered to fall under one

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Last update: December, 2009. Indigenous groups make up 5.3% of the total population of the republic. The most important Indian tribes on the isthmus are: The Kunas

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Source for photos, videos, and information on African Tribes and natives from Subsaharan Africa, including indigenous tribes from South Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia

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