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Get free Adult Emoticons and Smileys for use with MSN, Yahoo and more. Lots of emoticons for adults only!

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Download free adult Emoticons and Smileys! A very big collection of smileys and avatars, works with Yahoo Messenger, MSN, AIM, etc.

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NetLingo has thousands of definitions that explain the online world of business, technology, and communication, plus the largest list of text and chat acronyms 😉

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Welcome to our wide selection of free Facebook chat smileys! Our smiley faces are designed to wow your Facebook friends and brighten up all your FB messages and chat.

Banque de smileys (émoticones MSN). Partagez vos smiley et gifs animés, ou utilisez ceux de ce répertoire sur les forums, dans vos emails ou forums! Smile!

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Un smiley (del inglés to smile, ‘sonreír’) es una representación esquemática de una cara sonriente, refiriéndose a Gelu, llamado también Gelusmile.

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Welcome to our Facebook smileys gallery! We have a vast array of unique smiley faces to use on Facebook, so you have certainly come to the right website!

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The complete list of all Skype smileys codes and Skype emoticons in 2017, there is available to make your Skype messages more fun and entertaining.

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Examples of How People Use Text Smileys. If you were joking with someone and sent a text message saying “get a life” the person receiving the message might think you

vShag: Send someone a naughty smiley, dirty smiley, nasty emoji, funny picture for iphone or android texting or sexting

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